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                      COMPANY NEWS
                      Concentrated on decoration hotspot, and plan for the future development
                      Date:2016-04-07 Author: Rainy Lee

                      Concentrated on decoration hotspot, and plan for the future development- 

                      The 5th Meeting of the 8th General Assembly of Members of the Shenzhen Decoration Industry Association successfully held

                      On March 31st, the 5th Meeting of the 8th General Assembly of Members of the Shenzhen Decoration Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Decoration Association) was held in Shenzhen Wuzhou Guest House. Elites and entrepreneurs from Shenzhen decoration industry gathered together, and talked about the leapfrog development of Shenzhen decoration industry in 2016. Chairman Jieping Li and General Manager Zhibiao Ye attended the meeting as the representatives of our company. The meeting mainly summarized the work of the Association in year 2015 and conducted in-depth interpretation of the macro environment and countermeasure faced by the industry in 2016. The meeting had especially set up a summit forum, where 11 entrepreneurs from the leading companies jointly discussed the future plan for the development of the industry, and Chairman Mr. Jieping Li from our company had made an important speech on the development of the industry.

                      At the beginning of the meeting, the Chief Engineer and Deputy Secretary-General of the Decoration Association Yanbo Wang made a presentation entitled "To face the situation, be innovation-driven, and create a new pattern of transformation and upgrading", which gave a comprehensive summary of the development of Shenzhen decoration industry in 2015, and he also reported to the meeting about the completion of the objectives of the Association in year 2015.

                      President Gao Gang pointed out in the work plan of Shenzhen Decoration Industry Association for 2016 that: the decoration industry should focus on grasping five elements: to actively embrace the new technological revolution, so that all the new technology would serve for the development of the industry; to improve quality, and strengthen professional capacity; to hold on to the human element, so as to guarantee Shenzhen quality; to value highly of energy saving and environmental protection, and be the powerful resource in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection; to earnestly implement the strategy of going out. He also stressed that the association would actively adjust the direction of the service, and establish four major works: firstly, to establish a healthy environment of “ valuing righteousness, general picture and unity” in the industry; secondly, to provide the best resources of decoration for Shenzhen construction; thirdly, to try to change the strange phenomenon of "those know the job have no qualification, while those with qualifications do not know the job"; fourthly, to promote the construction of credit system of Shenzhen decoration industry to upgrade to a new level.

                      Executive Vice-president Zhiwei Zhuang then read the relevant motion, wherein motion 1 - "Motion about the recruitment, addition and adjustment of the honorary president, executive vice-president, vice-president, executive director, director, and ordinary members" - General Manager Zhibiao Ye of Ruihe was proposed to serve as executive vice-president. All proposals submitted to the meeting for consideration have been passed.

                      Thereafter, the summit forum of Shenzhen Decoration Industry commenced.  11 representatives of listed companies and cutting-edge entrepreneurs from Shenzhen decoration industry went on stage one after another, to discuss with the host about the disadvantages and breakthroughs of Shenzhen decoration industry in 2016. They were Chairman Nianxin Liu from Hongtao Shares, Chairman Jieping Li from Ruihe Shares, Chairman Zhiquan Fan from Guangtian Shares, Chairman Shaobo Gu from Baoying Group, Chairman Jiahao Ye from Qixin Shares, Chairman Haiyun Liu from Jianyi Shares, Chairman Zhengfu Hu from Shenzhuangzong Shares, Chairman Junqiang Shen from Jinggong Decoration, Chairman Yi Qu from Shidai Decoration, Chairman Zhong Zhuang from Zhongzhuang Construction, Chairman Rongjian Qiao from Zhongtian Exquisite Decoration. With the core topic of the current development and future direction of the industry, all entrepreneurs have conducted in-depth exchanges of idea combining the actual situation of the development of their own enterprise.

                      Chairman Jieping Li of Ruihe talked about the restructuring of the company with its own development experience. In the 1990s, Ruihe engaged in both decoration industry and the real estate industry, but the prospect of promising development of decoration industry had prompted Ruihe to confirm the strategy to focus mainly on decoration industry. Decoration has been the basic industry of Ruihe and the photovoltaic industry and transformation industry have been the extension and development based on this root. Meanwhile, Chairman Li also appealed to all the entrepreneurs present on the maintenance issue of the development of the industry that, vicious competition among peers must be resisted, and the healthy development of the industry should be jointly safeguarded, all enterprises should cooperate to win mutual benefit.

                      This form of face-to-face summit forum was the first in decoration industry in Shenzhen, and has caused a strong influence in the site. Under the macro situation of the new economics, the farsighted management wisdom of entrepreneurs, and the demonstration effect of leading enterprises, would inevitably form a strong appeal and cohesion, leading the Shenzhen decoration industry, even the national decoration industry, to welcome the arrival of a targeted new development era of the industry.

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