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                      COMPANY NEWS
                      Establish sustainable cooperation and seek mutual development
                      Date:2016-05-05 Author: Wanqi Zhou

                      Establish sustainable cooperation and seek mutual development

                      On April 24th 2016, General Manager Zhibiao Ye and Deputy General Manager Ruqi Si of Ruihe Shares and their team were invited by Country Garden Group to start a four-day inspection activity in Singapore and Malaysia. They attended “The First General Assembly of Partners of year 2016” held by the Country Garden Group in "Country Garden. Urban Forest” in Malaysia on the 25th. Ruihe Shares won the honor of “Loyal Partner” by Country Garden Group.

                      At the assembly, General Manager Zhibiao Ye delivered a warm speech on behalf of partners of Country Garden Partners: General Manager Zhibiao Ye confirmed that the Country Garden has been a leading domestic brands with strength, integrity, and social responsibility. As a listed company with complete qualification in architectural decoration and installation, Ruihe has been insisting on the five leading strategic concepts -"science comes first, technology comes first, supply chain comes first, management comes first, integrated services come first", and established a high-end brand image of "green decoration and superb skills". Ruihe is willing to establish sustainable cooperation and seek mutual development with Country Garden under the principle of “mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation”.

                      Vice president Cuilong Yang, and General Manager of Project Bidding Management of Cost Management Pingsen Tong of Country Garden Group presided over the meeting.

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